The Enslaved Husband – Tips and Tricks to Keep Him Happy and Obedient

The enslaved husband is, for men and women who adopt that lifestyle, one of the most profound relationships a couple can aspire to.

What is an enslaved husband?

What it means, in short, is the husband offers complete submission of his will to his wife’s. And, crucially, this always has a deeply sexual element to it.

It’s important to realise this because many men, out of nervousness or embarrassment, will find it difficult, if not impossible, to articulate this need.

What it typically boils down to, in my experience, is really men wanting to surrender their right to orgasm to their wife — in the hope she’ll actually withhold it from them for some considerable time (often, this means forever).

We call this state of orgasm control and denial “male chastity” of course, and the psychological and emotional effects go far beyond what you might expect.

As a woman, I cannot possibly imagine why anyone would want his or her orgasms to be limited, restricted or denied in any way.

But the fact is, millions of men have this very thing as their deepest darkest fantasy, both for the physical sensations orgasm denial gives a man (which are, according to my husband and many men who have written to me, exquisite) but also for the deep emotional connection it forges with the woman (or man, if that’s your thing) holding the key to his chastity device.

And for many (but not all) men, this emotional connection goes even deeper and enters the realm of true submission. It’s at that point, when your man simply wants to serve and obey, that you have a truly enslaved husband.

The important thing to understand here is with great power comes great responsibility, to steal a phrase. In other words, it does not give a wife the right to ride roughshod over her husband’s emotions and desires.

The keys to keeping your man happy and obedient are not simply to do as you will, but are first and foremost to discover what it is he actually means when he tells you he wants to be your slave and for you to be his Mistress.

He’ll tell you, “you can do anything”, but that, of course is just silly. For example, it doesn’t mean you can poke his eyes out with a sharp stick (extreme, yes, but if he really meant “you can do anything”, then it would be allowable, right?).

So it all comes down to ground rules, what each expects from the other.

Once you have these worked out and you both agree, then the game can begin and you can have your enslaved husband, keep him chaste and simply enjoy all the benefits male chastity has to offer a woman.