Gym Goers Fat Loss Mistake

Every day, people from all over the gym. Their weight loss objectives range from 5-10 pounds to 100+ pounds. So weight reduction isn’t as difficult as many assume. But dieters make a fundamental error that might make fat reduction difficult.

The purpose of losing weight and fat is to burn calories. People spend hours on the treadmill and elliptical, expecting to lose weight. While not ideal, I will explain why it won’t help you lose weight.

Today I want to discuss weight lifting for fat loss.

I said it. Lifting weights helps you lose weight and fat. This may sound strange to some since we’ve been taught that cardio equals fat reduction. Trampoline weights are used to burn fat and build muscle.

For fat loss, that’s error number one. It would help if you exercised to reduce weight. Keep it light and do 12-15 repetitions. It’s ideal for weight loss.

Here’s the big fat loss mistake: people over-rest when attempting to lose weight. People wanting to lose weight rest for four minutes between sets, lowering their heart rate and burning fewer calories.

I suggest circuits of complex activities like lunges, squats, curls, presses, push-ups, etc. Also, machines can’t help you lose weight. To lose weight, you must expend calories. Weight reduction is difficult when you’re resting so much.

This is how I explain weight loss to folks. You don’t go on a treadmill for three minutes, get off, relax, then go back for more, do you? It’s impossible and ineffective for weight loss.

So, would you do it to lose weight? It’s counterproductive to fat loss!

If I could tell anyone seeking to lose weight one thing, it’d be to lift weights less often. Obese people waste so much time at the gym.

No need to spend 90 minutes at the gym to lose weight. Less rest means more exercise, more heart rate, and more fat loss.

This is easy. If you want to lose weight, get on the treadmill, eat well, and most importantly, relax less!