Don’t Let Bad Credit Keep You From Going To College

If you are looking for student loans with bad credit and seeking a lender, there are some things they will look at. In order to determine your credit worthiness, they will look at your employment history, income, residency, debt, and credit report. If you do have bad credit, do not sweep it under the rug. You have to do whatever it takes to fix it. It can actually save you thousands of dollars in loans that you may need now and into the future. If you have to claim bankruptcy, it is like a monetary death sentence as far as your financial outlook! Take heart, there are alternatives for people with bad credit. The first thing to do before you look into student loans for people with bad credit is to review your credit report and score to see where you stand. Here are some tips for dealing with bad credit:

– Dispute any errors you find on your credit report.

– Do not apply for new credit while you are trying to repair your credit.

– Settle your accounts – pay off delinquent bills and pay down your credit cards as much as you can.

– Ask lenders to re-age accounts.

– Consolidate all your bills into one monthly payment if you can.

– Keep current accounts open – don’t close any accounts.

– Get credit counseling – this can teach you how to manage your credit more wisely.

This is frustrating and may become a nuisance but it is worth it in the end. Just remember to continue to research student loans with bad credit and get all the information you need. The internet can be a wealth of information on loans. There are many good sites to obtain information. One such site is, which contains forums, communities and everyday people like you and me. They also offer a wealth of advice. Of course, you will run into swindles when you are looking for student loans with bad credit. There will be promises of instant credit repairs that may seem like the Holy Grail considering your current situation. Just do not be fooled!

If you are not sure, what to look for and what is truly honest information you may want to get some help. There are firms like Lexington Law that can help decipher the ins and outs of student loans for people with bad credit.